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I was born and raised in Russian but me and my husband Rus have called the Pacific North wWest home and I couldn’t be a better place for us (expect maybe Hawaii or something) I know it seems like I’m like out in the nature doing nature things all the time but don’t be fooled, I love me my couch time watching all the TV shows. Literally tv shows are my weakness, sue me. If you’re a tv nerd we can talk about our favorite tv shows! 

Ive had a camera in my hands for about 5 years now. Rus surprised me with a Canon 5D mark ii when I turned 18. btw I married up. He is the most generous, hottest and supportive person I’ve ever met and my best hype man. And I hope everyone finds their Rus ( not to be confused with Ross ) 

If you think we can be a good match, lets be friends!

  1. Night owl > Early bird

  2. Coffee > Tea

  3. Comfy clothes > Gucci gang

  4. If I was stuck with one tv show forever id shoot Toby twice 

  5. Flying > Roadtrips 

  6. Summer > Winter

(i broke a sweat writing this)

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