Hi guys! I’m Julie,

I am equal parts adventurous and homebody. A little dry shampoo and lots of happy hours. Weekend treks through the wilderness but also watching The Office on the couch. Me and my husband Russ call the Pacific Northwest home and it couldn’t be a better place for us. I was born in Russia and my parents took us to as many places as they could afford. They wanted us to travel and see absolutely everything. You could say my parents were the OG hipsters. They met on a train, fell in love, got married, and started building a family. A really big family. Like, I’m one of eight kids! We spent our summers with our grandparents on the Caspian Sea. We explored in my dad’s Mercedes van on the weekends. Then we moved to America when I was 12 and they took us to as many National Parks as they could! 



This life of discovery runs deep in my veins and has absolutely shaped who I am today. Russ and I spend as much time as possible sleeping outside with our labradude Charles. We have a dope camping truck that we would live out of if we could! In fact, we kind-of do on the weekends. If your wedding is within driving distance, I will probably camp in my truck so you can avoid paying me an extra hotel fees! Weddings feed my soul the same way the rest of my life does—they are full of wonder and joy. And they are the start of an incredible journey. If you invite me to be a part of yours, I promise it will be an adventure.


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